After an incredibly controversial race at Silverstone, it looks like it’s going to be war in Hungary this weekend with everyone slavering at the mouth for the coveted podium.


Mercedes victory at Silverstone was called “hollow” by Red Bull team principal, Christian Horner, but Mercedes team principal, Toto Wolff, had a few things to say about that. “Everyone has their own opinion on the events of Silverstone, and it was a very polarising incident.” He went on to add that “the most important thing is that Max [Verstappen] is okay.”

Mercedes are looking to prove themselves this weekend. “We know how fine the margins are this season,” said Wolff, “and how the advantage is swaying from one team to the other at each race. Us and Red Bull looked very closely matched at Silverstone and Ferrari were very quick, and now the battle moves onto the next round and a very different track.”

The track differs from Silverstone as it’s far tighter and winding, similar to tracks like Monaco. However, previous history should give Mercedes some confidence as Hamilton currently has eight wins at the Hungarian Grand Prix and if he wins this weekend, he will hold an all-time record of nine wins in Hungary.

Mercedes will be chasing this. Every time there is a chance for Hamilton to break a record or cross a milestone of some sort, the team have pushed hard to ensure that happens. But Wolff acknowledges that Hungary is “a track that will likely suit our competitors.” It will be a fight for the win but Mercedes are “looking to keep [their] momentum going.”

Red Bull

Red Bull are absolutely fuming after a dreadful race at Silverstone. The Hungarian Grand Prix will be where they try to prove that they have the better car and the better driver in Max Verstappen.

Christian Horner has said of the duelling leaders that, “Both drivers are of course uncompromising in their driving style, but they are both highly skilled drivers with a great deal of experience. The reality is that Hamilton has met his match in a car that is now competitive, and I agree that both drivers need to show each other respect, but Hamilton was the aggressor on Sunday.”

With only one point taken by Sergio Perez for fastest lap, Red Bull will be looking for points that push Mercedes back into a more comfortable second place. That might mean an ideal one-two finish is what they will be aiming for. If they can keep Hamilton in third and Valtteri Bottas off the podium, that would be the most ideal scenario for the team. It might not be realistic considering both Mercedes’ recent performances but that will surely be their aim.

Hopefully Perez performs well in qualifying in order to make this one-two finish a possible reality because if he gets stuck in the midfield it doesn’t seem likely that he will be able to recover given the pace and driving ability of both Ferrari and McLaren.


Ferrari may upset all of Red Bull and Mercedes’ plans because they showed some amazing pace at Silverstone. They really are starting to look competitive, and their strong performance may continue in Hungary.

It really shouldn’t be too surprising to see the Ferraris behind the leaders. When asked if Ferrari could sneak a win Ferrari team principal, Mattia Binotto, jokingly replied, “Not the win, the one-two.”

That would be something amazing to see for Ferrari fans.


McLaren have been proving that they are one of the strongest teams on the grid right now, especially as Daniel Ricciardo has been upping his performance these last few races. They will cause problems for the Ferrari’s mostly and as we saw at Silverstone, if Carlos Sainz gets stuck behind Ricciardo, there’s no guarantee that he will be able to get past him.

It will certainly be interesting to see where McLaren ends up. Ahead or behind of Ferrari? Or will they split both Ferraris causing problems for Carlos Sainz. It remains to be seen.