Credit: Seiko

This new Grand Seiko Masterpiece Collection celebrates both the stars and the 140th anniversary of the brand. And it will only cost $118,000.

The new ref. SBGZ007 is a limited-edition watch that will see only 50 units produced. The new Spring Drive has the calibre 9R02 made by an elite team at Micro Artist Studio in Grand Seiko’s manufacturing facility in Shojiri which is located in the same region as the dial’s inspiration, Achi.

Achi is a village famous for its night skies. It’s found at a very high elevation and is remote enough that the effects of light pollution are less prominent on the night sky.

Credit: Seiko

The dial reflects this very well with a stunning deep blue specked here and there with what look like stars. A unique manufacturing technique allows the stars to appear differently from every angle. What this technique is we don’t know.

The case is made from platinum and is hand-engraved with a funky pattern that is replicated in all different directions to provide a similar effect to the dial.

The watch is very slim at 38.5mm in diameter and 9.8mm in depth. A very slim watch that exudes class and style. To help with that are 14k white gold hands and hour markers. It certainly adds to the starry, ethereal quality of the watch.

It’s not a watch that is flashy in a very loud way but one that speaks quietly of its luxury.