Yes it sounds ridiculous but Lil Uzi Vert is known for his spontaneous and extravagant purchases. The planet he is looking at is larger than Jupiter and if he manages to do it, he could be the first human to legally own a planet.

The news actually came from Uzi Vert’s friend, Grimes, who responded to a post on Twitter about the planet WASP-127b. “Apparently @LILUZIVERT owns this planet – just a heads up,” she said on Twitter. WASP-127b was discovered in 2016 and it’s 1.4 times larger than Jupiter.

Uzi Vert responded to Grimes, “I tried 2 surprise everyone. Still working on it.”

Grimes did post an update, saying that “Documentation almost complete for @LILUZIVERT to legally claim wasp-127b – this is huge! First human to legally own a planet.”

This purchase is probably more akin to the ownership of stars or getting stars named after people. It doesn’t actually mean much but who knows, maybe this will be different.