Credit: Rr Auction

In a world first, Steve Jobs’ handwritten job application from 1973 will be auctioned as both a physical item and an NFT simultaneously.

This side-by-side auction will help determine what the actual value of an NFT is when directly compared to its physical counterpart. This will set a benchmark for the new blockchain trading market.

Digital entrepreneur and founder of this NFT vs physical auction, Olly Joshi, said in a statement,

“The Steve Jobs hand-written 1973 job application auction aims to highlight the modern shift in perceived value – the physical or the digital. Testing this with a piece of history from arguably the most influential tech entrepreneur of our time, is very special.”

He continued,

“Will this open a whole new market for decentralized collectibles, or will we see a world in which both can coexist? As Steve Jobs asked us many times, is it time to ‘think different’? Whatever the answer, the digital and art worlds will be watching with anticipation. We believe this will be a massive proof point for NFTs and their role in culture.”

The NFT version was made in collaboration with Rarible and will be available on Ehtereum. The physical version previously sold for a massive $220,400 USD in a Charterfields Auction.

It will certainly be interesting which will come out on top, but as the auction stands at the time of writing, the NFT is currently winning but there are still six days remaining until the auction ends on July 28.

Check out the auction here and maybe make a bid?