Credit: The Market by Bonhams/Sam Moores

YouTuber and photographer, Sam Moores, put up his incredibly rare “F40BLU” up for auction and it sold for an eye watering £1,00,500 (roughly $1,870,000 AUD).

Only 1,311 F40’s were made in between 1987 and 1992 and most were all in Ferrari’s iconic red shade, “Rosso Ferrari.” They also had an initial asking price of £163,00 (approx. $304,000 AUD). So, for collectors, finding a blue one up for auction is an incredibly rare find as it may be the only example of a blue F40, hence the ridiculous sale price.

The car is, unfortunately, not in Concours condition as F40’s were never made in blue and there have been quite a few restorations. For instance, in 2004 the car went to Japan to be rebodied into a F40 LM and painted white by customisers, Liberty Walk. But then in 2014, Joe Macari Performance Cars bought the car and returned to its original condition whilst painting it blue. This was all done at the request of Sam Moores. So yeah, it isn’t exactly the most authentic F40 but if the blue colour didn’t give that away none of this should be a shock.

Credit: The Market by Bonhams/Sam Moores

The car is fitted with a 2.9 litre twin-turbo and water inter-cooled V8 engine that pumps out 471bhp and 577Nm of torque. That means this baby does 0-100km/h (0-62mph) in four seconds and can apparently reach a top speed of 324 km/h (201mph).

The car has been described as a go-kart for the road mostly because of its very sparse interior. Inside you see an exposed carbon fibre tub and racing bucket seats. That’s about it. There are no door handles, no door trim, no stereo, no carpets, and no glovebox. But that interior is obviously made up for with the over-the-top 80s supercar style that many people love.

You will likely see this car on social media again as it is already one of the most photographed F40’s ever so keep an eye out for the F40BLU.