After a very exciting triple header, the teams have all taken a well-earned break and will hopefully have used that break to take what they learnt from those races and provide us with and interesting weekend at Silverstone.  

Mercedes have stated that they have indeed upgraded their car despite rumours to the contrary. But with a such a poor performance in Austria, they simply had to make some improvements if they wanted to stay competitive. What those improvements are and how well they work we can only guess, but given Mercedes’ competitive pedigree we can be sure that it will provide a more interesting race by closing up the gap between themselves and Red Bull.

That being said, Red Bull were very strong in Austria. Granted, it was their home track but still, the domination has made some fans worry about a Red Bull dominance similar to Mercedes’ during the whole hybrid era. This doesn’t seem to be the case just yet. It’s early in the season still with plenty of races ahead and Mercedes have made it clear that they are not conceding the season just yet.

What we will have to watch out for is whether Red Bull have continued to improve their car to maintain their lead over Mercedes. Given the cost cap, Red Bull might just have to wait and see what Mercedes bring to Silverstone this weekend and adjust accordingly. Red Bull may be hoping that Mercedes’ improvements are still not enough to catch up to them. This isn’t likely to be the case, however. In the second race at Austria, Mercedes did manage to close the gap slightly and did improve their performance in Austria so it’s stands to reason that with even more time to improve the car, the better they can close the gap to Red Bull. This should put some pressure on Red Bull’s development likely forcing them to make at least some small improvements.

The battle for the championship is incredibly close and extremely exciting. It will be very interesting to see a Mercedes comeback and a Red Bull response. Bit of back and forth the entire season would certainly be exciting.

Lando Norris at McLaren will again likely perform very well. He hasn’t finished lower than P8 (and that was only once in Spain) this entire season and there’s only one reason to think that may change, Ferrari. The Ferrari’s found some pace in Austria and proved that they could gain plenty of positions if they choose to sacrifice qualifying in order to preserve their tyres. Whether that will be the strategy again at Silverstone remains to be seen but Ferrari should not be counted out especially as Carlos Sainz has been incredibly consistent. Both Ferrari drivers are in top form which cannot be said of both McLaren drivers.

Daniel Ricciardo definitely improved his performance in the second Austrian race. It’s been said 101 times that he’s not used to the McLaren, and it was likely Daniel learnt from the first race in Austria how the McLaren feels on that track and improved accordingly. He won’t have that luxury at Silverstone so the question remains, will he be able to perform? He’s had plenty of time to come to terms with the car so how much of his performance can we really say is a result of the car, Lando is doing incredibly well after all. Ricciardo racing up with Lando and the Ferrari’s is something we all want to see.

Pierre Gasly has thrown a spanner in the works for both Ferrari and McLaren. Gasly is very quick in the AlphaTauri and constantly puts an obstacle between Lando Norris and the Ferrari’s. If he can keep this up he might cause havoc for the Ferrari’s in their battle with McLaren by holding them up and allowing Lando to extend his lead over them but this will apply to Ricciardo too who may struggle to pass the Frenchman. Also watch out for Gasly’s teammate Yuki Tsunoda to see if he continues to make some incredibly egregious rookie errors.

The British Grand Prix is July 16-18 with the race beginning at 12am Sunday night/Monday morning (Australian Eastern Standard Time).