Credit: Seiko

You can now carry your very own Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle on your wrist.

Last year, Seiko released three Pokemon themed timepieces that featured Pikachu, Mewtwo, and Eevee. This year they are releasing three new timepieces featuring the Kanto starters. This is all in celebration of Pokemon’s 25th anniversary.

Each watch is made from stainless steel and sports a sapphire glass face. So they haven’t made them on the cheap this time around. Seiko aren’t known for making poor quality watches after all.

The differences between the watches arise in the dials and bezels. Each one sports a different colour scheme respective of each pokemon. So the Squirtle dial is blue and features wave like ripples on the dial that seem to be engraved while the bezel sports a shell-like pattern. It’s quite well thought out.

Each stage of the pokemon’s evolution is present on the watch too. You can see for instance, on the Charmander variant, a little Charmander at the twelve o’clock position and a Charmeleon, it’s second stage form, down at 6 o’clock. But where is the final evolution? Where is Charizard? He is actually engraved on the caseback. Everyone is present.

Each watch also comes in a Pokeball style watch box that also has stitched Pokemon drawings on the inside.

These watches also feature a stopwatch, solar-powered battery, and an alarm function.

Credit: Seiko

These watches will be released on August 6 and are limited to 700 pieces each. They will sell for ¥49,500 ($450 USD).