Credit: Yeojin Jung

Automotive and transport designer, Yeojin Jung, has called the 5,000 superyachts in circulation boring. She has come up with a solution to that, the Estrella Concept.

The South Korean’s design, according to some outlets, looks like a “Y-wing” or “Naboo Royal Starship” from Star Wars. It’s hard to say that it doesn’t resemble them at least a little bit. For certain that makes this design not entirely boring. While Jung said that she unfortunately wasn’t inspired by Star Wars but rather cantilevered architecture.

This concept earned Jung a Bronze prize at this year’s “A Design Award and Competition” and to top it off, she came up with the idea while she was still a student, in her last year at Coventry University, UK.

Credit: Yeojin Jung

The two secondary hulls work as floaters for the main hull but their main reason for existing is to provide guests with a communal experience with the water that’s more immediate. Jung stated that it would make guests “understand” and better appreciate the environment they’re in.

Jung said in a statement,

“Estrella will present the next generation of superyacht for ultra-high-net-worth individuals. This concept will provide a dynamic experience to people by dividing the hull wings into three volumes. By providing different views of Mediterranean Sea, they perceive the surroundings. Also, it can make intimate experience with nature by providing innovative layout.”

Credit: Yeojin Jung

There are no plans to make this boat a reality as of yet but with the attention that it’s beginning to garner online, it’s not out of the realm of possibility for one rich investor to be interested.