While Louis Vuitton isn’t exactly known for their tech products that hasn’t stopped them from unveiling this spinning top-looking speaker. Introducing the Horizon Light Up speaker.

The design of the speaker itself was inspired by not a spinning top, but by the Toupie handbag that was designed by Louis Vuitton’s own womenswear artistic director, Nicolas Ghesquiére. It’s this design that really separates this speaker from the rest of the many, many portable Bluetooth speakers out there and is its main draw.

Now the specs are a bit of a mystery. Louis Vuitton’s landing page for the speaker doesn’t give us any information just tutorial videos on the Tambour Horizon watch. But that aside, this isn’t really aimed at hardcore audiophiles, but more the people who want the flex of owning a very fashionable Louis Vuitton speaker.

The few specs that we do know of are its connective capabilities. It can pair devices via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2, and others.

Credit: Louis Vuitton

The exterior has all the finery you’d expect of any Louis Vuitton product. It’s bound in noble leather with several metallic components. Naturally, the whole thing is covered with the LV monogram. The subwoofer is surrounded by rainbow lights that make the LV flower monogram glow at the top. Not only that but around the side you can see ‘Louis Vuitton’ spelled out and glowing.

You would think that the shape would make it impractical, but Louis Vuitton do provide a little dock that also helps offer a 360-degree sound which is a nice touch. There’s also a leather strap you can add to the top if you’re on the go. But this isn’t something that you’re likely going to keep in close proximity to the pool.

Credit: Louis Vuitton

The Horizon Light Up will be available on July 30. For anyone looking to spend too much money on a speaker that looks very fashion but may not sound the best, then this is the speaker for you.