Credit: Aston Martin Residences

In another move from Aston Martin to expand into things outside of motorcars comes the outlandish luxury of the Aston Martin Residences in Miami, Florida.

This project was announced in 2017 and Aston Martin are now finally allowing the public to see what it looks like inside. This 66-story skyscraper provides all things luxury and contains not just apartments, but penthouses and a triplex.

The building is set on the Biscayne Bay and features 38 oceanfront condos on the 15th floor and seven penthouses on the 56th. And that triplex we mentioned before, that baby is going for the low, low price of $66 million USD. This shouldn’t be a surprise as all things luxury come with a big price tag but let’s look at what else comes with it.

Floor-to-ceiling windows and sleek white walls in every apartment allow for the marble on the floors and ceilings to really pop. It’s all very modern and you could make the argument that it looks like a place for a Bond villain.

You don’t just a get an apartment though. No, no, no. Every tenant has access to what Aston Martin call the ‘Sky Amenities’ facility. This facility covers 42,275 square feet across four floors and contains a bit more than a gym and showers. Let’s take a look.

Adding to the Bond villain vibes of the place, you get a personal marina (because if you probably own a yacht if you live here). Up on the 52nd floor there’s a curated art gallery, conference room (to hold villain meetings with your crew of criminal misfits), business centre, gaming room, kids’ playroom, teen centre, and lastly, a vending area.

Credit: Aston Martin Residences

On the 53rd floor they have a wellness area. This is pretty straightforward. You get a boxing room, a gym, a spinning room, sauna, spa, beauty salon, meditation room, treatment room, and even a barbershop.

Credit: Aston Martin Residences

Lastly, on the 54th floor you have two cinemas and a virtual golf centre. While on the 55th floor there’s a private dining room that has views of both the infinity pool and the Atlantic Ocean.

Credit: Aston Martin Residences

Also, there’s a personal butler service because you can’t be a Bond villain without at least a butler.

It’s all a bit much but that’s exactly what it is for. If you’ve got the cash, then why not spend it in the lap of luxury?