Concept designs have been released showcasing a very ambitious train. This luxury G Train, designed by Thierry Gaugain, is not for the public but private ownership for the likes of billionaires.

Terry Gaugain has made a name for himself by designing superyachts like the 492-foot Sailing Yacht B, Steve Jobs’ 626-foot Venus, and the 294-foot Sailing Yacht A. Now it seems he’s taking that experience and applying it to something new for billionaires to enjoy.

Steve Jobs' Venus | Credit: Jimmy Baikovicius via flickr

A 14-car futuristic train for the “owner who is crazy, but in a good way,” says Gaugain. It does look like a crazy sci-fi design but gives me strong Snowpiercer vibes (who’s to say the end of the world isn’t coming soon?). Gaugain says that he wants to take the future private owner “beyond the yacht and jet.”

Gaugain views the G Train as the “last way to say something new about travel, while focusing on luxury and travel.” Can’t say I agree but, hey, I’m not a designer of superyachts so what do I know?

A terrace that folds out

If this design does come to fruition, there is no denying the technical prowess that it will have achieved. At around 396 metres long, the entire body will be made of glass that can change from being normal transparent glass, to opaque, to black. The glass is said to look like it is glimmering gold when it speeds past at 160km/h.

Have you ever seen Aliens or Treasure Planet? They both feature scenes with windows or screens simulating a different location or season for the people inside. Well, guess what? The G Train is proposing to have that tech. “It might be winter outside, but the owner can suddenly be surrounded by beautiful summer’s day flowers and meadows,” Gaugain said. Now that’s some space age stuff!

Because the train is for private ownership, few of the design elements usually attributed to public trains are even present here. Of the 14 cars, the front cars will make up the owner’s suite, then you have 18 guest rooms, dedicated cars to a gym and spa, a dining car, and recreational spaces that can host live concerts or art exhibitions. But there’s still one car left, a car called the “toy’s chest” which will store the owner’s cars, motorbikes, and off-road vehicles. The train can stop and allow guests to go driving around if they wish.

Gaugain has spent three years assembling a team to make this a reality but this all seems too good to be true. Even Gaugain seems to know this, “We have to ensure the feasibility of the project before we move ahead.”

Based on the designs, the G Train will cost around $350 million USD ($469.3 million AUD).