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Harry Styles and Timothee Chalamet are two of the biggest things happening in men’s fashion right now. Both are forward thinking in their fashion choices with Styles even beginning to blur the lines between menswear and womenswear. Both men are becoming style icons in their own right and it seems like the world is watching too. Their style may prove to be hugely influential, so it seems fruitful to examine what they’ve got going on.

arry Styles has had some daring looks recently. One of his most daring outfits came in 2019 at the Met Gala. Gucci’s Alessandro Michele designed his sheer top paired with a big bow on his chest. He slipped on a pair of men’s heels to top it off, a signature choice for Styles. Styles has made men’s heels a constant in many of his outfits but this is one of the times where he uses them to create a wonderfully genderbending look.

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Styles has had a passion for 70s fashion for quite some time. He was either ahead of the growing trend or was one of its pioneers. Either way his 70s expressions throughout his outfits have been iconic. Just check out these two outfits below.

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These 70s inspired outfits are fabulous. On the right we see Styles at the 2017 ARIA’s in a metallic purple paisley suit, which is brave enough in itself but then he’s gone and paired it with custom-made Roker bronze square-toed boots. The whole outfit is metallic! That’s fantastic and that pattern together with those boots are just so 70s in the best way. Less out there but no less 70s is Styles outfit at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame: a blue corduroy Gucci suit. Another bold statement that is a perfect encapsulation of Styles looking back to go forward.

You could argue that Timothee Chalamet and Harry Styles have a similar sense of fashion, but the difference is in the details. Chalamet doesn’t tend to look to the past for his inspiration, he’s only looking in one direction – forward. He takes classic styles and shakes them up, typically by adding eye-popping colour.

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In the two examples above we see Chalamet taking classic suit styles and adding his own spin. On the left, who would’ve ever thought that fuchsia/magenta would be a good colour for a suit? Chalamet and his designer Stella McCartney seemed to think so last year at the Paris premiere for Little Women. Especially when paired with leather cowboy boots with subtle studded rims and just the slightest bit of silver jewellery. A brilliant and simple look.

Before magenta, Chalamet changed up his suit in 2019 with a simple sash. Well, a sash and a suit made from satin. The Haider Ackermann tailored suit gave Chalamet’s outfit an elegance that is usually reserved for women’s gowns. Here, Chalamet owns it and adds his signature chunky, black leather boots into the mix making this one of his most iconic looks to date.

One of Chalamet’s boldest and most unique looks was his outfit at the 2019 Golden Globes. He was in head-to-toe black which isn’t anything crazy but instead of going for a blazer or something traditional to complete the look, he wore a harness. That sounds silly but the Louis Vuitton harness is what makes this outfit. The bedazzled harness makes Chalamet look like a fashion-conscious man from the 40’s moved into the 21 st century. Brilliant even if the only place to wear it is the red carpet.

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These two men, no matter what you may think of their creative endeavours, are some of the boldest men in fashion. Their style is truly iconic and unique to each of them. Should anyone try to replicate them, they would be hard pressed to succeed in the same way these two have. These outfits are so tied with their personalities that it may be difficult to replicate. However, what these men say to me is that now is the time for men to start changing it up and being a little daring. Will you take the challenge?