Credit: Apple

On Tuesday, Apple showed off their restoration of the dilapidated Tower Theatre in LA into a new retail space.  

Apple have claimed that this is one of their most significant restoration projects to date. Apple have been very careful with the restoration by collaborating with preservationists, restoration artists, and the City of Los Angeles in order to ensure that the theatre is properly preserved whilst still being able to restore the theatre’s grandeur. The entire building has been refinished in what Apple has called a “full seismic upgrade.”

The Tower Theatre has a rich history. It was designed in 1927 by S. Charles Lee and was the first theatre in Los Angeles that was wired for film with sound and unfortunately was abandoned by 1988. Apple are claiming that this legacy of innovation will be continued with the inclusion of their products (a very Apple statement).

In a press release, Apple said of the restoration that,

“…visitors will immediately recognize the fully restored clock tower, recreated Broadway marquee, clean terra cotta exterior, and renovated historic blade sign. After walking through the Broadway doors, guests enter the monumental lobby inspired by Charles Garnier’s Paris Opera house, featuring a grand arched stairway with bronze handrails flanked by marble Corinthian columns.”


It does look fantastic, no one can deny that. The building may as well be used for something even if it isn’t a movie theatre, especially considering how business has been for theatres recently. While it may be somewhat of a loss for film history, the building is still there and its origins are on full display.