Credit: Jeff Elson

Jeffree Star, the controversial cosmetics guru and YouTube star, has announced plans to sell his humongous California mansion.

Jeffree Star is selling his California mansion and moving to Wyoming citing mental health issues in a YouTube video he posted on his channel. His mental health took a toll over the course of 2020 with drama involving the beauty community, a break-up with long-term boyfriend Nathan Schwandt, the loss of two dogs, and an apparently severe car accident.

The Hidden Hills mansion spans 20,000 square feet and features seven bedrooms, 11 and a half bathrooms, a theatre, 2-level gym, a 16-car garage, a huge gourmet kitchen, two offices, a billiard room, and a wet bar.

Star bought the 35-year-old French Normandy style property in December 2019 for a cool USD$14.58 million, as reported by the New York Post. He has now listed it for $20 million.

The master bedroom is so fabulous that it has a sculptural glass elevator option for access to it. It can also fit all your fabulous items with two walk-in wardrobes plus two bathrooms and direct access to the massive gym.

That gym, of course, is not like your typical home gym. It comes equipped with a hot tub, a changing room, a sauna, meditation room, showers, and a massage suite with a fireplace and glass-tiled wall.

Also just scrolling through, I discovered that there’s also a wine tasting room and a refrigerated wine cellar! It’s all a bit extra, but that seems to be exactly what the goal is. And can we take a minute to appreciate how gaudy the theatre is? It’s covered in red and gold and there under the crystal chandelier sits a crushed-velvet sofa. The recessed starry ceiling is a nice touch. The theatre might distract you, just a little, from the movie you’re watching.

So that’s just the main house, but the property also has two guest houses and a ridiculously huge, but not at all surprising, 5,400-square-foot ‘beauty barn’ for all your beauty needs.

It’s strange that in such a grandiose property, the pool is one of the least interesting parts about it. Don’t worry, it’s massive, it’s grandiose, but it is just a nice a big pool area with a nice Baja area, and a baby pink cabana.

Star has said that despite the move, he will be visiting California monthly to run his business. “I need to have new energy, so am I leaving California forever? Of course not. Am I moving to Wyoming as my main residency? Absolutely. I love it out there.”

Now it certainly isn’t a house for everyone (the price will get that across), but it certainly is impressive. If gaudiness and opulence aren’t your thing, then veer far away from this.