Credit: Ferrari

Ferrari have entered the fashion world for the first time and initial reactions have been overwhelming positive.

Ferrari have never really been a part of the fashion world outside of their licensed merchandise but now things are changing for the luxury car manufacturer. Ferrari have purposely created a new collection that focuses on the future, Ferrari’s future specifically. Ferrari have always had a strong brand presence and so continuing their legacy in the present day is requiring the brand to change again. Ferrari’s future seems to involve changing and bringing in new demographics to the brand, mainly women and younger generations. Designer Rocco Iannone said of the collection during the pre-show that his wish is “to enlarge our fan base, including young generations and women especially – although women have always been part of our fan base but it has never been well told.  

Rocco Iannone has worked with Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armani, and Pal Zileri. Not a bad resume. This seems to imply that Ferrari have taken this foray incredibly seriously. They could have gotten anyone, maybe someone cheaper, and with less vision, but no, Ferrari went all out. Iannone knows this too. Before the show on Sunday evening, Iannone said, “Let’s face it, if you enter a Ferrari store, it’s not because you need another raincoat. You are looking for something special.” Something special is exactly what he’s created as this collection is daring, bold and very couture.

The show was set on a runway staged on Ferrari’s assembly line at their Modena headquarters in Italy. The staging plays into the theme that Iannone is attempting to achieve. He explained that many of Ferrari’s car designers are inspired by the human body, so he decided to flip the script. Iannone’s took Ferrari’s iconic car designs and put them back onto the human body.

Iannone would do this by identifying the most distinctive aesthetic traits of Ferrari’s cars, he called them the ‘Ferrari Codes’. He told Vogue Italia,

“It was like ‘boning’ the cars – laying the bones on the floor and then reassembling them in various ways. For instance, the distinctive shape of the Ferrari front grille is represented in the collection in the design of both a coat and the sunglasses. I reworked the headlights as elbow pads or cuts. The livery line, another of Ferrari’s most iconic design features, is carved into the fabric of the outwear apparel, creating a formal dialogue between the interior and exterior of the garments… I wanted to give each design element a clear, practical purpose, along with a symbolic, citational one.”

This development has been hinted at for the last two years. In November 2019, Ferrari entered into a multi-year sponsorship agreement with Armani who would provide all Ferrari’s formalwear and travelwear for their management, drivers, and technical team. In February 2020, Ferrari entered a deal with Richard Mille, who became the licensee for Ferrari’s timepieces. Ferrari have now completely entered the fashion world themselves and have made a big splash while doing it.

Both Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, Ferrari’s Formula 1 drivers, were present. Leclerc stated that he was indeed impressed with collection and its ‘flashy colours.’

Ferrari have hit the ground running with their first foray into fashion. Check out the entire collection at Ferrari’s website.