Credit: Dromoland Castle

When visiting Ireland, you have to see at least a couple castles. But what if you could stay at one? Dromoland Castle is the place for you, providing luxurious five-star experiences in an historic location.

If you’re a sucker for old European castles, then here’s one for you. Dromoland Castle has been converted into a hotel. The castle has been estimated to have been built in the 15th or early 16th century and you would think that the castle only became a hotel recently. Well, yes, but also, no. It depends on how you look at it.

The castle was bought in 1962 by American industrialist Bernard McDonough, and he turned it into a hotel shortly afterwards. This is relatively recent given the castle’s 400–500-year heritage, but I also didn’t think the castle had been a hotel since the 60s. I was under the impression that castle refurbs were a more recent thing. I guess not.

The Queen Anne Bedroom | Credit: Dromoland Castle

Dromoland Castle is now considered to be one of the great resorts in all of Europe. The hotel holds the belief that every guest is royalty. Not only are the rooms luxurious and their service exemplary; they also provide a range of activities.

Credit: Dromoland Castle

The castle is home to a championship golf course set on the spectacular 450-acre estate. The Dromoland Castle Golf & Country Club features an 18-hole 6,824 yards par 72 course designed by Ron Kirby and JB Carr. There are “gentle hills, ancient trees and unexpected water hazards” that provides challenges for “golfers of all abilities”.

Credit: Dromoland Castle

Once you’ve enjoyed your day on the golf course, you’ve gotta get something to eat right? Dromoland Castle provides its guests award-winning cuisine from Executive Head Chef, David McCann. For over 20 years McCann has been impressing guests with his impressive menu, blending “classical training with a flair for the contemporary.”

The Earl of Thomond | Credit: Dromoland Castle

The multiple dining venues include the luxurious Earl of Thomond, the castle’s landmark restaurant. The restaurant focuses on “local flavours, imaginative wine pairings, impeccable service and a dash of Dromoland magic.” While eating, you can enjoy Venetian silk, chandeliers and views of the entire estate.

The Cocktail Bar | Credit: Dromoland Castle

When you aren’t in the mood for fine dining, The Gallery provides a more casual experience. It’s a cosy spot that sees you surrounded by antiques, hunting mounts, ancestral portraits and comfy furnishings.

The castle also features a spa and wellness centre with specific deals related to it.

The Spa Treatment Room | Credit: Dromoland Castle

One interesting activity that Dromoland provides is a wild foraging experience. This experience will see you and an expert foraging and eating the edible and delicious wild roots, herbs, flowers, fruits, and nuts. It’s nice day out and you get to enjoy a picnic you’ve gathered yourself. And if you’re worried that it will be a crowded tourist experience, fear not, the experience only takes six to eight people at a time.

Credit: Dromoland Castle

Book a stay at the historic Dromoland Castle today and enjoy luxury the Irish way.