It’s almost a cliché to say how handsome Jon Hamm is but here I am saying it again, he be a handsome man. And the man is now 50 too! I thought maybe I should take a look at some of his best looks have been and maybe get a few pointers.

The Cream Tuxedo Jacket

I think the whole damn look here is just slightly off but because of that I think it works. I love the loafers but I’m not sure how I feel about those socks. Still, Hamm’s transparent glasses are working for him and I think this a great alternative look for a formal evening out.

Vanity Fair Oscars Afterparty Tuxedo

Credit: PA Archive

While Hamm has experimented a little before with his white tuxedo, you still can’t go wrong with the classic tuxedo. It’s classic for a reason. And what traditionally handsome man doesn’t look great in a traditionally cut tuxedo.

A Plaid Sport Jacket

I’m counting any of Hamm’s outfits on Mad Men because how could I not? I mean honestly the costume design on this show is phenomenal and this way-out-there plaid sport jacket is up there as one of their best. You’d have to be quite daring to pull it off today, but as a statement of 60s style it shows off the decade’s ‘Ivy’ style of dress.

A Big Wool Coat

I’m a sucker for big coats, I admit it and Hamm looks better in this charcoal wool coat than I ever would. Considering he wore this during December in New York, I’d say that it is probably just as warm as it is stylish.

A Polo Under A Jacket

This is an underutilised look that needs to make something of a comeback today. While the suit itself is very 60s (of course, it is, it’s from Mad Men), doing this today with a modern cut and colour of suit is something we should all start doing.

The Cool University Professor Look

Whether or not this was intentional, I don’t care, he looks great. Suit, glasses, and beard, it’s all working here. For anyone who’s a little older maybe lean into this look?

Young Jon Hamm

Who put this here?

The Future Sailor Look

I would never recommend this to someone looking for a new outfit to a big party. BUT if you are willing to pull of this daring future sailor look then go on and sail into a robotic future among the stars. Actually, I’m not sure if anyone other than Jon Hamm can pull this off.