The teams being specifically reprimanded are FC Barcelona, Juventus, and Real Madrid as they have refused to renounce the Super League like all the other clubs have.

After the spectacular announcement and failure of the European Super League, the governing body of European football, the Union of European Football Association (UEFA), have formally opened disciplinary proceedings against the three clubs that have refused to renounce the project.

The reason for these proceedings as stated by the UEFA are that,

“Following an investigation conducted by UEFA ethics and disciplinary inspectors in connection with the so-called ‘Super League’ project, disciplinary proceedings have been opened against Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus for a potential violation of UEFA’s legal framework. Further information will be made available in due course.”

The other clubs didn’t get off scot-free either. Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, AC Milan, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Inter Milan, and Atletico Madrid have all been thoroughly scolded by the UEFA.

These nine teams have agreed to make a combined US$18 million goodwill contribution to children and grassroots football all over Europe. While that is just what they have elected to give, they are also being hit by the UEFA withholding 5% of their competition revenues for one season.  

In the future, should any team try a stunt like this again, then the offender will have to pay a fine of approximately $120 million. If they breach any of the other terms of UEFA’s Disciplinary Regulations, then they will also be fined $60 million.

It should be interesting to see what happens next given that all 12 of the clubs who joined the Super League have ‘binding contracts’ that they ‘cannot leave’. But how can the Super League go ahead? There’s no support from anyone, even most of their investors. Time will tell.

Instead of providing a large amount of money for these clubs as it was designed to, the Super League looks like it’s going to cost the clubs far more than they might’ve bargained for. Not saying I feel sorry for them, they really should’ve seen this coming.