Tie bars/clips are coming back in a big way. Many people are realising the customisation available to them within their business and formal attires that aren’t so outlandish as to be inappropriate. These customisation options are appearing in the form of signet rings, cuff links, and tie bars. But what is a tie bar and how do you even wear one?

David Beckham

A tie bar is very simple. All it does is hold your tie to your shirt so that it doesn’t swing around and ensures that it sits straight. That’s the function anyway but what it also does is add a bit of class and style to any business and formal outfit. They’re commonly made of metal typically of metal alloy, possibly even gold.

So how do you wear it?

  1. Don’t place it too high or too low. Typically, you want to place it between the third and fourth button of a shirt. If you are wearing a jacket, make sure the bar is visible just above the point it buttons up.
  2. It doesn’t just clip the two pieces of a tie together but clips the entire tie to your shirt. If you just clip it to the tie your tie will flap around as if it wasn’t even there and people will know you have no idea what you’re doing. Let’s avoid that.
  3. Never wear a tie bar that is wider than your tie. If out of necessity you only have a bar that is wider than your tie, wear it at an angle to offset it. This isn’t ideal but it’s better than nothing.

That’s how you wear it. Simple. But which tie bar should you wear? There are plenty of options, but your best bet is to stick with simple metals like silver or gold. There are plenty of ridiculous novelty tie bars, but they would most likely make you look tacky. Pick something simple unless you’re the adventurous type who can pull off such things as a Mickey Mouse tie bar.

And there you have it. Get yourself a tie bar and start experimenting with your own looks and styles until you find something that works for you.