Credit: Opel

Opel have resurrected the 51-year-old Manta A sports coupé with lighting, moving the car from a petrol engine to a battery-powered all-electric. Introducing, the Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD.

This is a one-off car but that’s a shame, isn’t it? It’s a funky looking car but it’s kinda stylish. It’s made even better that it’s completely electric and maybe if there is a large and positive response to this concept, maybe we’ll see another of its kind? I’d hope so.

The Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD has a 147hp electric motor and 255Nm of torque from a standstill. So, on top of it looking great, it is also the most powerful Manta A Opel have ever built and it’s the most powerful EV in their whole stable.

Credit: Opel

What makes this car a little different is that it’s purely rear-wheel drive and it’s been fitted with a four-speed manual gearbox that you can either engage with normally or chuck it in fourth and use it as an automatic. You’ve got options. Well, the one person who owns this car has options.

The 32kWh battery can take you for a ride length on average 124 miles. It has a regenerative braking system that’s just like what was in Opel’s Corsa-e and Mokka-e models but again, the Manta has something a little extra. It has a 9kW on-board charger that can give you a recharge in just four hours!

Opel CEO, Michael Lohscheller, said that this car shows the brand’s ‘commitment to emissions-free mobility for a very desirable, sustainable future.’

Credit: CAR Magazine

The design is great. It’s a heavily modernised version of the old Manta. For instance, the ‘Vizor’ grille features an LED screen that can display various messages or motifs and the conventional headlights, brake lights and DRL’s have been replaced with LEDs.

The retro aspects really come in the paint job. We’ve got the neon yellow paint that matches Opel’s new branding, but they’ve added a black 1970s-style bonnet.

The interior is incredibly modern. There are no analogue clocks, it’s all digital and now there’s a 10-inch touchscreen display. But they haven’t forgotten the retro aesthetic here either. There’s a three-spoke steering wheel with a 12 o’clock marker, plus what I think is very cool, a period-correct gear shifter.

Credit: Opel

There’s no indication that they’re going to send this car into production, which is a shame, but they have suggested that a few of their other historical models might get the same treatment. Who knows but here’s hoping, right?