James Bond is an iconic figure in pop culture not only because of his films but also because of his impeccable style. Throughout the years, Bond has given us some fresh looks that we can all take a little inspiration from.

The Midnight Blue Tuxedo from 'Dr. No'

Credit: United Artists

Let’s start off with a bang. One of Bond’s most iconic looks is his midnight blue tuxedo. Many iterations of Bond have donned this look, but I think the freshest look has got to be the original in Dr. No. Sean Connery was already suave and cool, then put him in something so fine as a tuxedo, you make style history. Bond lighting his cigarette at a Chemin De Far table, telling the audience for the first time who he is, is a Bond moment far too iconic to not be on this list. The next 50 years of men’s formalwear would be influenced by this look!

The Black Double-Breasted Bridge Coat in 'Spectre'

Credit: Sony Pictures

Spectre might not have been the best Bond film, but the wardrobe choices were pretty phenomenal. Daniel Craig in this instance is wearing a black double-breasted bridge coat over a black herringbone peaked lapel three-piece suit. A bridge coat has military origins which makes sense for Bond and it’s like a mixture of a pea coat and a greatcoat. Paired with Tom Ford ‘Snowdon’ sunglasses and black leather driving gloves, Craig looks incredibly fresh for a funeral outing.

The Double-Breasted Blazer Look in 'For Your Eyes Only'

Credit: United Artists

This is a strange one. Roger Moore of all the Bonds, might be one of the most dated, which includes his style choices. Sometimes, this works, like in For Your Eyes Only, where Roger Moore is seen in a double-breasted navy blazer designed by Moore’s personal tailor, Douglas Hayward. Pair the jacket with stone-coloured gabardine trousers gives Moore very strong daddy energy. It looks like he will sweep you off on his yacht and treat you with champagne. What I’m saying is, he looks fresh.

The Glen Plaid Three-Piece Suit from Goldfinger

Credit: United Artists

We’re back to Connery again for another iconic look and this time we see it in Goldfinger. Connery is wearing a three-piece suit made from tropical-weight wool that features a plaid design. The suit was made by a London-based tailor, Anthony Sinclair. It exudes cool in a way that doesn’t really exist anymore. It’s hard to picture someone today walking around a farm in a three-piece suit but I guess Bond doesn’t go anywhere without some style.

The Herringbone Suit in 'The World Is Not Enough'

Credit: MGM

Pierce Brosnan was a great James Bond, it’s a shame that most of the films during his tenure were not that great. He did still manage to look great though. Like in The World Is Not Enough, his Brioni herringbone linen suit looks pretty slick with his blue shirt. It’s a look that Bond doesn’t often get the chance to show off, but I’m glad we got to see Brosnan asking for one more screw with this outfit on. If he wasn’t being tortured by the villain at this time, she might not have been able to resist. But then again, just because a woman was a villain never really stopped Bond. Like, ever. Maybe she just has a will of steel in order to resist him?

The Brown Brunello Cucinelli in 'Spectre'

Credit: Sony Pictures

Brown is not a colour often seen on Bond. At least not to my memory. But again, in Spectre, Bond is looking as fresh as can be. He’s wearing two separate brown items so it’s not a suit. The outfit features a light brown jacket and lighter khaki gabardine trousers that are both from Brunello Cucinelli. Apparently, Daniel Craig had a lot of influence on Bond’s wardrobe for Spectre, so this outfit was likely his idea. This is backed up by Tom Ford producing a khaki piece that’s apart of their Spectre collection which never appeared in the film. It seems likely that this Cucinelli fit is Craig’s replacement given his personal affinity for Brunello Cucinelli.

The Black Turtleneck in 'Live & Let Die'

Credit: United Artists

Roger Moore, you did it. You got back on the list. And for good reason. Black. Turtleneck. Jumper. There isn’t much to say about this because it’s all very simple black on black, but you can’t deny the effect it has. Some people say that dressing in all black is just a way to make people think you’re fancy. But this is James Bond. You don’t have to think it. You know it. This look was so fresh that Daniel Craig did a similar look in some promo for Spectre.

The Navy Overcoat Over a Charcoal Windowpane Suit in 'Goldeneye'

Credit: MGM & United International Pictures

Coming off the plane in St Petersburg we saw Pierce Brosnan in an absolutely fresh outfit, even if it is a little 90s. What really makes it is the navy overcoat that’s likely made by Brioni, given that most of Bond’s outfits were by Brioni in the 90s. Underneath the overcoat though he’s got a charcoal windowpane suit. What’s very 90s about the coat is that the buttons are pretty low on the front which means it isn’t actually very good at keeping someone warm but, hey, it’s fashion.

The Grey Morning Suit in 'License to Kill'

Credit: MGM & United International Pictures

So this has definitely dated. But in 1980s America, it was popular for people to wear morning dress to things like weddings. I think it looks pretty fresh but that just might be Timothy Dalton’s ability to pull this off. The mid-grey morning coat has tails! Tails! I’m glad we don’t really do tails anymore but as a novelty I love them. I think this looks great, especially with that cravat.