Credit: Nuvo Magazine

Artist and designer, Ranbir Sidhu, has managed to fuse art and furniture together. For those with a taste for luxury and want a little more from their furniture, Futurezona are will create one-of-a-kind pieces that will be the envy of any who visit your home. If it’s good enough for Drake and Jay Z, then it’s probably going to turn some heads.

Futurezona are a furniture company/art collective that create custom tables for “people ahead of their time.” Toronto artist and founder of Futurezona, Ranbir Sidhu, deliberately steers clear of nostalgia and repetition in his work so that he can focus on the future, on what’s new in art. Sidhu told Holr,

“Not many people were willing to burn the envelope that they were formerly pushing today. So I set out to light the match for them, starting with functional art furniture, designed with a look that is contemporary to my understanding.”

Ranbir Sidhu | Credit: Nuvo Magazine

The pieces Sidhu has created for Jay Z and Drake are testaments to his ability to successfully implement his idea of contemporary and functional art furniture. Nothing quite looks like a Futurezona table. 

The table designed for Jay Z’s Roc Nation office building is eye-catching and immediately iconic. It’s a table designed to look like paper aeroplane! That’s gonna get someone’s attention not matter what. This table has little Jay Z inspired features like an inscription that references 88 dots, a number Jay Z often drops in his lyrics. The hard lines and vectors give the impression that this was a plane built by an astronaut from the scraps he found on his moon base.

The table at Roc Nation | Credit: Business Insider

The design didn’t begin and end with the table. The crate Sidhu delivered it in was also custom-built and a piece of art in itself. Sidhu explained to Vogue the thinking behind his work ethic and philosophy,

“The idea that this original, custom piece might be delivered in an ordinary container or crate was sub-standard to me, so I had a delivery vehicle created. It had to represent the high standard of the item and the futuristic leaning of the brand— we designed the container to act as a teleportation device, complete with laser cut coordinates of the Los Angeles address of Roc Nation’s headquarters.”

Credit: Mansion Global

The table is constructed from CRS 1010 material with Bentley paint with additions of pearl and gold flake to create a shiny surface. Sidhu said of the design,

“The design challenge was getting a solid piece to be balanced, with a minimal amount of the structure touching the ground. It also had to appear to be made of a single sheet, mimicking a piece of paper.”

Sidhu has been called a visionary and a revolutionary force, especially within Toronto’s design scene. He is always attempting to do more. To do the impossible. It’s what drives him. In an interview with Bay Street Bull, Sidhu said,

“My design work derives from various levels of possibility through a narrative where nothing is impossible. As I observe contemporary spaces such as furniture, lighting or sculptural structures; I imagine another dimension to them. In analysis of the piece, as my mind starts to augment what I am looking at, I reflect on what has been left out.”

But Sidhu isn’t the only driving force behind these pieces. Who he is making the furniture for plays a massive part in their design. In Sidhu’s words,

The process that goes into creating iconic pieces for contemporary giants like Drake or Jay-Z starts with an appreciation for what they do. When I think about the art that they make, the space that they occupy, the things that they represent, and the experiences that shaped them, I develop an understanding of what they might like as a representative art piece.”

These pieces are almost like collaborations for Sidhu. Each piece is therefore unique to the person who has commissioned it.

Drake's custom table | Credit: TRNTO

Look at Drake’s custom-built table above. Designed specifically with Drake’s The Embassy home in mind, it has the ‘OVO’ name in layers that gives multi-dimensionality to create a unique illusion. Made from premium materials including finished brass, it is then treated with Bentley pain with diamond dust as well as Candy Apple paint with 24k gold flakes! Talk about extra. But that’s exactly what you want from a piece of luxury art furniture. It’s extra by nature!

The future looks bright for Futurezona and Sidhu. His next commission/collaboration will surely inspire him to create a new and fresh table that we can all envy and wish we had in our own homes.