r/AskReddit has been on fire today with a simple question from u/RedditNightLads. The question is as follows, “Females of Reddit – What is the sexiest thing a plus size gamer gentleman has told you that has made you want to immediately have sex with him?” Reddit responded in kind.

The thread devolved into self-deprecating jokes and biting satire that could make a statue smile.

One reddit user, u/shineevee, replied with a simple answer,

But it was the return of the neckbeard that really took the cake here as u/qualmso brought us some very creative and imaginative prose that really highlights the raw sex appeal of the plus-size gamer gentleman,

You can practically smell the Cheetos as you read. Bellissimo!

But taking it further, u/Maker-of-the-Things knows that girls love a bad boy,

But everyone knows the quickest way into a woman’s heart, as u/dearlindsay_ knows, is to shout memes from 2005,

But if more recent memes are really what get you going, then u/shogi_x has you covered with one simple phrase that will guarantee at least a one night stand, 

Not all were memes as some users described their real relationships. Or they did both like u/Kabd_w, 

Though the majority of the comment section were joking and assumed the question posed itself was a joke, some users, like u/WholesaleBees, took the time to give good advice to any who might need it,

How sentimental. How nice. The whole thread is pretty hilarious and people are having a blast. But after reading much of the comment section I tend to agree with u/tjcerasi6,