Ref. 1LMAR.A02A.C153A | Credit: Arnold & Son

Arnold & Son have just shown off their new Luna Magna at Watches & Wonders 2021 and its luxurious dial will take you to the moon and back.

Arnold & Son have created their first 3D moon-phase complication made completely of marble and aventurine. It’s a dazzling piece that fits in well within the various Arnold & Son collections. It is a stand-out addition to their previous moon phase watches like the Perpetual Moon and the Double Hemisphere Perpetual Moon.

The realistic 3D moon phase complication is lively, realistic, and one of the largest to ever be made, with a diameter of 12mm. The moon’s light side is made from white marble that provides a luminescent glow. The dark side is made from aventurine providing a deep, dark blue akin to the night sky. The moon-phase also has ‘astronomical’ precision, meaning that it only needs one adjustment every 122 years!

Credit: Watches & Wonders

The actual clock itself takes up the top two-thirds of the dial while the bottom third is reserved for the moon phase. This means there is a substantial amount of empty space around the dial which is filled with a stunning starry night. The starry night dial is also made from aventurine.

The case is 18k 5N red gold and measures at 44mm. Due to the moon being so big, the height of the watch is substantial, measuring at 15.9mm. But Arnold & Son seem to be aware of that issue and in their design have still managed to create a surprisingly thin and elegant profile. They’ve used two box sapphire crystals at the back and front to counteract the height issue.

The chunky side profile | Credit: Monochrome Watches

On the back, the sapphire caseback is clear and exhibits the intricate hand-wound A&S 1021 movement. You can also see the other side of the moon. Even the movement is decorated with Geneva stripes emerging from the centre.

Credit: Arnold & Son

The Luna Magna is a stunning, starry watch that is limited to 28 pieces and is priced at AUD $62,100. Visit Arnold & Son to check it out for yourself.