Credit: Breitling
Premier Heritage Collection | Credit: Breitling

Breitling have gone to the past in order to reach the future with their new Premier Heritage range of watches. 

Breitling are going back to the start. Their new launch event showcased three new watch variants inspired by their origins. From their founder, Léon Breitling, who gave us the first chronograph to measure the speed of cars in 1906, to his son Gaston, who in 1915 created the first wrist-worn chronograph with a separate push piece making chronographs more convenient. But it was Willy Breitling, whom the brand took the most inspiration from. Willy created the first Premier in 1943 and was the man who believed that watches could be something more than just functional but stylish too. And now this philosophy has been perfected with the new reinterpreted series of Premier Heritage Chronograph, Duograph and Datora.

As Willy Breitling said, the Premier is an “unmistakable stamp of impeccable taste,” and this sentiment is remarkably clear in the Premier Chronograph. The 40mm chronograph comes in two variations, a pistachio green dial with a stainless-steel case, or a silver-coloured dial with an 18k red-gold case. It features the 4Hz hand-wound Calibre B09 column wheel movement, syringe hands, and alligator straps that help it achieve its 1940s aesthetic perfectly. The added modern aspect is the beautiful clear sapphire crystal case-back that allows viewing of the handcrafted innards of the watch. The green watch is priced at AUD $10,990, with the red-gold variant is priced at AUD $24,990.

Premier B09 Chronograph 40_Ref. AB0930D31L1P1 | Credit: Breitling
Premier B09 Chronograph 40_Ref. RB0930371G1P1 | Credit: Breitling

The larger 42mm Premier Heritage Duograph’s two variants are the black dial encased in 18k red-gold, or a blue dial encased in stainless steel. These watches feature the hand-wound Calibre B15 movement and a split-second complication. This complication allows the wearer to record multiple intervals of time that start at the same time but don’t end at the same time. Essentially for taking precise lap times. The blue watch is priced at AUD $13,990, while the black dial is priced at AUD $28,990.

Premier B15 Duograph 42_Ref. AB1510171C1P1 | Credit: Breitling
Premier B15 Duograph 42_Ref. RB1510251B1P1 | Credit: Breitling

The remaining Premier Heritage Datora is also 42mm but features a full traditionally figured calendar with the day, date, and moon phase displays. This watch features the Calibre B25 automatic movement. This is Breitling’s most refined chronograph of the three and the price reflects that. The stainless-steel encased copper dial is priced at AUD $16,990, and the 18k red-gold encased silver dial is priced at AUD $32,990.

Premier B25 Datora 42_Ref. AB2510201K1P1 | Credit: Breitling
Premier B25 Datora 42_Ref. RB2510371G1P1 | Credit: Breitling

These watches are brilliant pieces from Breitling that manage to capture the pioneering spirit the company was founded on. To view any of these watches click on their respective images. If you want to browse the whole of Breitling’s new collection, click here!