Lacoste is introducing the world to a new man. Ricky Regal. Who is this retro-clad international man of mystery? It’s Bruno Mars’ alter-ego for his new foray into the fashion world. Through Lacoste’s iconic blend of sport and luxury, comes a unique, fresh, bold, luxurious and fun collection. Mars has stated that the collaboration was the first in his career that allowed him to make a collection that was truly his own. So, what do we have to look forward to when the collection launches on March 8?

i. Credit: Lacoste

The 70s has been making its way back into fashion in recent months and Lacoste has just created some of the best looks inspired by one of fashion’s most controversial decades. The collection features a range of retro-inspired t-shirts, tracksuits, footwear, and accessories. Even the classic Lacoste polo isn’t spared from this retrofication with bold new prints becoming available plus polos available in velvet. Velvet really is making a comeback too.

ii. Credit: Subtype

Lacoste has called the collection everyday sports luxury that comes in a seductive palette of colours. Seductive is right because there are some unique picks that are not often seen. For the boldest of us, many of these colours and designs dare you to take tacky 70s style and make it fashion. Hence the seduction. The colours are yellow, orange, red, maroon, purple, deep blue, and green. It wouldn’t quite be Lacoste without some green after all.

The accessories include navigator sunglasses for $AUD 505, plus some socks and slides. The socks take on basic sporting looks with two coloured stripes atop a Lacoste logo. The socks start at $45 while the slides are $100. The slides have subtle adjustments from Lacoste’s usual fare with the dark green and gold variety being a particular highlight.

The tracksuits take the cake in this collection. With athleisure only increasing in popularity it is great to have options now that are so out of left field. The colours and material are unique and add style to even the most mundane of tasks. Binging Netflix never looked so good. The tracksuit tops start at $300 with the pants starting at $250.

v. Credit: Lacoste
vi. Credit: Lacoste

Not only is this a moment in fashion but in music too. Mars has collaborated with Anderson .Paak to create the musical group dubbed, Silk Sonic. Their first track, ‘Leave the Door Open,’ has just released and it is the perfect companion piece to this collection. Pour yourself a glass of whiskey, put the record on, and recline on the couch in your new tracksuit. You’ll get it. To add some authenticity to the mix, 70s funk legend, Bootsy Collins, also appears to narrate the track. It’s 70’s soul music to get you in the mood. Should there be an album with these two it could be something truly special.

Check out the Ricky Regal collection after March 8 at and selected outlets. – Instagram photo of Silk Sonic