Lewis Hamilton has become one of the most fashionable men in sport right now. Most stars have looks that are unattainable by average people. Couture brands, high fashion, ridiculous prices. It’s hard to achieve some of these looks when the asking price for a t-shirt is $500. But while can’t replicate them we can learn from these looks and adapt them in our own way. Lewis Hamilton is a prime example of style that one can achievably invoke if not replicate.

The first way to look like Lewis Hamilton: Prints

Lewis Hamilton loves prints. Sometimes it’s as simple as adding a printed t-shirt over a pair of jeans. Other times it’s going all out and completely decking yourself in prints from head to toe. The latter is something much harder achieve well, as it is a very high fashion things to do and you might struggle to find two pairs of clothing with a matching print otherwise.

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His pink check print outfit is from Italian brand MSGM. The shirt alone costs $605, the shorts at $465, and the hat is $275. So, this entire outfit will set you back $1345. You can find similar hats on ASOS and similar shirts and pants can be found on Newchic. However, what should be taken away from this isn’t the price but that you don’t have to be scared of prints. Embrace them!  

Prints are available from any good retail store. Try trendier outlets like Universal or General Pants and if nothing in their selection tickles your fancy then try online outlets like the Iconic and ASOS for more options. 

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Number Two: Athleisure

This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to emulate Lewis Hamilton. It’s one of the biggest trends right now that can be as cheap or as expensive as you want. Athleisure, for those who might not know, is casual, comfortable clothing that can be worn while exercising and as everyday wear. Hamilton even has his own line of athleisure pieces made in collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger. While his specific line can be expensive, Tommy Hilfiger itself can be more affordable. If you want something cheaper, you could go for brands like Adidas or Nike. Athleisure can be found in many stores from Target to Myer.

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Number Three: Learn to Accesorise

Accessorising doesn’t necessarily mean wearing jewellery. You can wear sunglasses, hats, watches, or, yes, jewellery.

Sunglasses can be expensive but don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t look suave with cheap sunglasses. They might not be polarised but if you look hard enough you can discover some great finds. Lewis Hamilton has his own line of sunglasses in collaboration with Police that start at $180. Sunglasses can also be found at optical specialists, like OPSM and Specsavers, for moderate to high prices. They can also be found at cheaper outlets like Sunglasses Warehouse or ASOS. Find styles to suit your face so trying them on is necessary before you buy. If you can’t go into a physical store, some outlets, such as Specsavers, have an online preview tool that allows you to try on glasses digitally. It isn’t perfect but it does give you a rough idea.

vi. Lewis Hamilton wearing Police Lewis 05 SPLA25 | Credit: The Blast

There are many options for hats but Hamilton tends to wear either baseball caps or bucket hats. Either are quite cheap and can easily complement any given outfit. Or simply just hide a bad hair day. Hats can be found at any retail outlet of your choosing. Universal, Myer, David Jones, and Cotton On have options for every price range.

Watches can be ludicrously expensive. Hamilton’s definitely are. His signature watch, the IWC Big Pilot, starts at roughly $10,000. Not exactly the kind of watch you buy when you’re just starting to accesorise and find your look. Go for brands like Seiko, Casio or Timex for a more affordable look. If you want to replicate Hamilton’s look at a budget it is difficult but you could try the Timex Weekender Chrono Oversize starting as low as $60. Other choices, like the Sinn 856, are closer to the $1500 range if you are willing to spend a little more money for this look.

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It should be no surprise to hear that a lot of jewellery is very expensive. Hamilton’s choices are, for instance, he wears a Cartier bracelet priced at $90,000. Not many people other than Hamilton can afford this but there are plenty of cheap alternatives around. They are made of cheaper materials but, again, if you’re just starting out, play around with the cheaper options and find out what you like. Once you figure that out, splash a bit more cash because as long as care for your jewellery it will last a very long time. Try going for timeless styles so that you can wear a piece of jewellery for years to come regardless of what trends may appear and disappear. Cheap options for jewellery can be found on ASOS, The Iconic, City Beach, and Culture Kings.

ix. Hamilton’s Cartier Love Bracelet

There are more tailored or expensive ways that Lewis Hamilton dresses, especially in regard to his choices in formalwear, but with these three tips you can easily elevate your wardrobe.