The term German engineering has prestigious connotations that go along with it. It’s common knowledge that the Germans make brilliant cars from Volkswagen, to Audi, to Mercedes-Benz. But only a select few can make improvements to these marvels of engineering. Enter Brabus. Brabus focus on aftermarket upfitting and restoration. The company is known for tuning Mercedes’ mostly and are the largest tuners of Mercedes-Benz’s after AMG.

Bodo Buschmann, Brabus’ founder,had a passion for customizing and tuning cars but could not find another company that could meet his vision. So, in 1977, he did what so many visionary’s do; he started his own brand. But before he could do that, he faced an interesting hurdle.

i. Bodo Buschmann | Credit: Pressform

German law prevented him from establishing a company on his own. The law stated that the establishment of a company must be done by at least two people. To meet the requirements of the law, Bushcmann brought on his friend Klaus Brackmann as a partner. This is where the name Brabus has its origin;it is the first three characters of each of their last names, Bra from Brackmann, and Bus from Buschmann. Hence, Brabus.

In so many partnerships like thisthere are usually two roles; the creative partner that generates the product/service; and the business partner who runs the practical aspects of running a business.Brackmann was just doing a favour for a friend and had no actual interest in car customisation or running a business. He allegedly sold his shares for just 100 Euros shortly after the company was established. Since then, Brabus have been one of the leading names performance aftermarket tuning for over 40 years.

ii. Buschmann & Brackmann | Credit: Classic Trader

You might be asking yourself, why would you need to upgrade an already high-performing Mercedes? Because it could always be more. In the words of Brabus, ‘More and more displacement, more horsepower, more torque. More and more innovation. More and more interior appointments, more safety, more eco-friendliness. More and more exclusivity. And more and more records.’

The Brabus Rocket 900 ‘One of Ten,’ is a perfect example of the kind of work the company can do. The car is a modified Mercedes-Benz S-Class Sedan with all the settings turned up to 11. It fulfils the Brabus philosophy perfectly: it is simply more. It is more power, it is more innovation, and it is more exclusive. Only ten of these vehicles will be built and that is probably for the best. If this monster of a performer were in too many people’s hands, I would expect roadside accidents to increase tenfold. Let me explain why.

iii. Brabus Rocket 900 ‘One of Ten’ | Credit: Brabus

The new Brabus Rocket 900 Biturbo V8 increased-displacement engine delivers a peak output of 662 kW (900 hp) and 0-100 km/h in 2.8 seconds. That’s just 0.1 seconds off of the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport which can do 0-100 km/h in 2.7 seconds! In other words, it’s fast. Really fast. In comparison, the average S-Class Sedancan 0-100 km/h in 4.7 to 6.0 seconds depending on the model. It also only has a top speed of 210-250 km/h comparedthat with the Rocket’s top speed of330 km/h. It isn’t an improvement made in inches but miles.

Not only do Brabus improve current Mercedes models, but they also restore classic Mercedes vehicles. What was once just a hobby has become a fully-fledged part of Brabus’ business. They call it ‘Six-Star Restoration’ and claim that they can offer at least the same high quality they once did when the cars were new. Even their restoration branch offers more. It isn’t even just five-star restoration but six-stars. In a few years, who knows, they may even reach seven-stars.

iv. A Mercedes-Benz 300SL restored by Brabus | Credit: Motor Authority

Brabus don’t exclusively work on just the engine of a Mercedes, but the exterior and interior design too. Their cosmetic modifications include body kits, low profile spoilers, multi-piece alloy wheels, and carbon fibre splitters. Interiors range from custom upholstery, shift knobs, trim, gauges, and pedals. For a price, you can create a Mercedes that is truly unique whilst being an over-the-top statement that can truly live up to its appearance.

Let’s take a look at some of my favourite models.

Brabus Ultimate E

Now, my first pick might come as a shock to many readers but, I can’t help it. The Brabus Ultimate E is Brabus’ electrically powered city supercar and it looks so slick and suave that it’s perfect for a quick zoom around the city. The fact that it is an electric car helps too and it truly is a little ‘pocket rocket,’ as dubbed by Brabus themselves.It can take you on a little zoom around the city while being beneficial for the environment.

v. Brabus Ultimate E | Credit: Lux Expose

The Brabus 800 ‘Black Ops’

The Brabus 800 ‘Black Ops’looks like power. Like a bull, a ram, or a rhino it feels like it could flatten anything.The ‘Black Ops’ is just as over-the-top as the rest of their selection and that’s a good thing. Given the stealthy and covert operations usually associated with black ops, there is nothing stealthy or subtle about the Brabus 800. I just imagine a covert agent driving up to their target in this monster. They’d flee in fear for their lives!They wouldn’t get far though given the 800’s ability to reach 0-100 km/h in 4.1 seconds for a top speed on 240 km/h. The car is as stealthy as a rhino in the best way possible. Unfortunately, it’s a part of the ‘1 of 10’ selection meaning that there are only ten stealthy Black Ops cars available to destroy one’s enemies.

vi. Brabus 800 ‘Black Ops’ | Credit: YouTube

The Brabus Rocket 900 Cabrio

This car is the world’s fastest and most powerful four-seater convertible. Amazingly it reaches 0-100 km/h in 3.9 seconds for a top speed of 350 km/h. That is no joke, especially for a convertible.It is a favourite of mine purely for its style and performance. It has the sporty and elegant looks that come with the aerodynamic-enhancement concept body kit with lush leather interiors. Luxurious comfort with sporty performance is something difficult to successfully pull off but here they seem to have managed it.

vii. The Brabus 900 Cabrio | Credit: BRABUS

This partnership truly is one that allows for greater innovation and experimentation. How else would we know if a standard Mercedes sedan could reach 300 km/h if not for Brabus? Perhaps AMG could do it too, but they are focused on the racing aspect of their vehicles. Brabus isn’t just about a car’s performance but also it’s appearance and design, in and out. None of this comes cheap but if you wanted more, Brabus can certainly give you more.