The wait is over – since Rolex released that teaser video on the 25th of last month, the world has had lively discussions about their expectations and many predictions were made: some hoped-for new models we’d never seen before, and many of us expected Rolex to come out with more colour options for the existing models.

Now that the cat is finally out of the bag, let’s take a look at the new Submariners before covering the other model – even the slightest changes to the new Submariner is bound to make a big splash after all.

Are the new releases what you thought they would be? Let us find out below:

Can you tell the difference at a glance? Tips on how below. (credit:

New shape who this?

The shape of the Submariner stayed constant from 2012 until this release at the beginning of this month, but the changes brought to the case do make it more pleasing to the eye.

The wait for a larger Submariner is over as well, as the diameter had stayed at 40mm for around 4 decades. Now sitting at 41mm, the new Submarinerfeatures slimmer lugs, and tapered crown guards, making it a bigger watch with improved proportions.

The Oyster bracelet has been remodeled, making it non-interchangeable with older models, but it does still feature the patented Oysterlock folding safety clasp and the brand’s Glidelock extension system.

What’s on the dial?

Subtle changes in the dial include slightly smaller applied indices, slimmer hands.

If you’re not quite sure which is which when holding a 2020 Submariner next to an older version, the dial can offer some help, as one can easily spot a Rolex crown logo between the words ‘Swiss Made’ at the edge of the six o’clock position.

The Crown logo at the bottom of the dial (credit:

Also, if you liked Super-LumiNova, you’ll love Chromalight, a luminescent material that offers even longer-lasting luminescence than the commonly used Super-LumiNova.

A new movement

The new dateless Submariner has been equipped with the Calibre 3230, a new in-house movement introduced this year.

While the Date models are fitted with the existing Calibre 3235, both calibres offer an extended power reserve of 70 hours. They incorporate the new Rolex Chronergy escapement, which improves the efficiency of this key component by 15 percent (partly responsible for the greater power reserve). Furthermore, the Chronergy escapement is made of nickel-phosphorus, making it insensitive to magnetic interferences.

The Chronergy escapement with optimized efficiency (Image from Rolex)

Meet your new dates

With the release of the new case shape of the Submariner, Rolex now offers seven colour combinations for the Submariner Dates in a variety of materials:

Ref. 126610LN – Oystersteel with a black dial and bezel

The Oystersteel Submariner we all know and love, plus a date function.

Ref. 126610LV – Oystersteel with a black dial and green bezel

Some new nicknames are already catching on for the Submariner Date adorned with a green bezel (a shade darker than of the ‘Kermit’) – the ‘Hermit,’ for example, a mashup of Hulk and Kermit; the Cermit, since the new bezel is made of Cerachom, Rolex’s ceramic material; and my favourite: the ‘Starbucks,’ since the green bezel coupled with a black dial closely resembles the Starbucks logo.

Ref. 126613LB – Rolesor with a blue dial and blue bezel

Basically an updated ‘Bluesy,’ it features a bracelet with satin-finished outer links made of steel and polished centre links made of yellow gold; Rolex calls this marriage of gold and steel ‘Rolesor.’

Ref. 126613LB ‘Bluesy’ (credit:

Ref. 126613LN – Rolesor with a black dial and black bezel

Ref. 126619LB – 18k white gold with a black dial and blue bezel

Ref. 126618LB – 18k yellow gold with a blue dial and blue bezel

Ref. 126618LN – 18k yellow gold with a black dial and black bezel

All date models will be equipped with the ‘Cyclops’ lens we have already grown familiar with.


How much do these new releases cost?

The Submariner with the new movement is available at A$11,400; and the Submariner Date with the green bezel at A$13,450.

The Oystersteel Submariner Date, equipped with the 3235 movements, like the other Date models, is available at A$12,900.

Both the ‘Bluesy’ and the black on black Rolesormodels are available at A$20,200, and the white gold Submariner Date with the blue bezel is priced at A$55,950.

Both the yellow gold Submariner date with a blue dial and blue bezel, and the one with a black dial and black bezel is available at A$52,150.

The waitlists awaits…

As excited about the new releases we all are, the acquisition of their new models may prove to be a difficult task as it is very likely that the shutdown of three Rolex facilities in the early days of the pandemic will have an impact on the availability of those new releases.

Reduced production on top of a waitlist? Our chances may seem bleak, but we must never lose hope!