The wait for Rolex to release their new models is over; what else?

The wait to finally get to wear a Sky-Dweller on a ‘rubber’ strap is over, too!

Forget about aftermarket rubber straps because the 2020 Sky-Dwellers are here!

End-links to seamlessly integrate the strap? Check!

Superior comfort and durability? Check!

Oysterlock safety clasp and Glidelock extension system? Check!

Perfectly integrated. Say goodbye to aftermarket straps! (credit: Rolex)

The 2020 Sky-Dweller collection stays mostly the same as its predecessor: the fluted, rotatable bezel comes in handy when setting the watch’s many functions – annual calendar, second-time zone, and month indicator; and the dial still features the off-centre ring that indicates an alternative time zone.

However, this complicated model from Rolex has ditched the leather strap to join the sportier watches on the Oysterflex bracelet.

This may well be Rolex’s solution to those who want a change in the style of the Sky-Dweller; there’s nothing wrong with the watch itself, but a change of the strap/bracelet can really transform the appearance and disposition of a timepiece.

Previously introduced on Rolex sport models such as the Yachtmaster in 2015, and the Daytona in 2017, the Oysterflex bracelet is much more than a fancy rubber strap with the Rolex logo on it.

Oysterflex – the best of both worlds

Looks can be deceiving, as, from the outside, the Oysterflex bracelet may look similar to a normal rubber strap, but there is more to this than meets the eye:

Encapsulated in the durable, high-performance black elastomer are superelastic alloy blades made of titanium and nickel, which allows the Oysterflex bracelet to offer the durability of a metal bracelet with the comfort and flexibility of a rubber strap.

The Oysterflex bracelet (on a Yachtmaster) with a some nice detail on its side (credit:

The underside of the bracelet also features cushions that help stabilize the watch and keep it centered on the wrist; they also raise the rubber ever so slightly to allow airflow. (Top that, aftermarket straps!)

At the clasp of the bracelet is the Oysterlock safety clasp, equipped with a handy Glidelock extension system for easy adjustment to lengthen the bracelet by up to around 5mmto achieve the perfect fit.

What’s under the hood?

Powering the watch is the Calibre 9001, which is the same movement as when the Sky-Dweller was first released in 2012.

As the most complicated Rolex movement, developed specifically for this timepiece, it remains an impressive movement with 40 jewels, a 72-hour power reserve, ticks at 8 beats per second, and is a chronometer-certified by Rolex Superlative Chronometer Certification.

The month indicator, found at the tip of the indices (redit: Rolex)

The rotatable Ring Command bezel is a micromechanical masterpiece as well – the mechanical module made with more than 60 components allows the user to turn the bezel to one of three positions to select the date, local time, or reference time. The user can then adjust the selected function in either direction using the crown.

One crown positions to control three functions? Yes please!

The adjustments above are controlled in crown position two while this automatic watch can still be wound manually in crown position one of the screw-down crowns.

Everose Sky-Dwellers featuring a chocolate dial (left) and dark rhodium dial (right), both equipped with the Oysterflex bracelet (credit:

Take your pick

The 2020 collection features a variety of colour options while the case diameter remains at 42mm –

On the Oysterflex bracelet:

The Sky-Dwellers cased in yellow gold feature dial colour options of black, white, and champagne.

The Sky-Dwellers cased in Everose gold feature dial colour options of white, chocolate, and dark rhodium.

An Everose gold Sky-Dweller with a chocolate dial on an Oyster bracelet is also offered in the 2020 collection.

Final thoughts

It is truly exciting news that Rolex now offers the Sky-Dweller on the Oysterflex Bracelet – normally, people turn to aftermarket parts to modify their watches to their liking, but with the offering of the Oysterflex bracelet, buyers are now given the option to have their Sky-Dweller fitted with the perfect rubber strap (I mean bracelet) straight from Rolex!