From High-End Men’s Watches; Into Developing Designer Watches For Women.

How TheNavitimer Became a Reality:

It all started in 1952 when Willy Breitling was tasked by the US Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association (AOPA), to develop a new chronograph for their members. Willy decided to create an innovative wrist-worn device, that would help professional pilots to operate flight calculations.

To innovate a device to perform at its highest level, Willy had to adapt the original logarithmic slide rule of the 1940’s chronomat for aviation purposes and made it into a rotating bezel.

The case of his new creation was 41 mm. Which was a considerable-sized watch back in 1952(and quite the norm today). The readability was an essential factor for him and was, therefore, upgraded by oversized Arabic digits. When the Navitimer was finally launched to AOPA, it became an enormous success.

And what could be a better name than Navitimer? – A brilliant combination of the words navigation and timer. A Pilot’s tool used to calculate complicated operations without the use of any other tool. All in the placement of your wrist.

Breitling Announces The Navitimer Automatic 35 Collection Wrist Watch for Women: 

Prior to 2018 and the release of the Breitling Navitimer 38mm. The Navitimer was widely considered a male watch. After the success of the 38mm version, Breitling decided to double down on their recent creation and create an even smaller version of the watch for the woman of today, and released a 35mm version in the month of April 2020.

“It was a question of reducing the size and reducing the printing of the circular slide rule on the perimeter of the dial. Women like it because it’s not too girly … We are not jumping through flower fields. This watch reflects what women have been telling us they want,” says the CEO of Breitling, Georges Kern.“They’ve asked for a stylish, smaller Navitimer that doesn’t sacrifice heritage or functionality.

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When you take your first look at Breitling’s 35mm collection, you see that they had to sacrifice some details, to make it more petit and comfortable for women to wear. You will notice no diamond bezel, they did not add a butterfly or floral icons, and no pastel-colored straps, or sub-dials — no gizmos of any kind. This was created for the woman of today.

The trademark of their beaded bezel, their slide rule, the movement, and the three-handed dials are still the same, as is the certified COSC Automatic Breitling Caliber 17 too. 

Breitling managed to keep the essence design, and style even though they had to remove some essential parts for their new Navitimer 35 Collection.

Not only did they had to create and develop a new collection (for women). But they also had to rethink and recreate their entire brand, target audience, and reputation. They needed to keep the old traditions alive. “Kill your darlings”; must not have been a pleasant and natural choice to make!

The Stylish Designs of Navitimer Automatic 35 Women Collection:

This new lady in town comes in many different variations, so you will never get bored.

Variation No. 1: 

This stylish version of the Navitimer Automatic 35Women Collection comes in a stainless-steel case with a blue dial showed with a blue alligator strap. A copper dial with a brown alligator strap, or silver dial with a burgundy alligator strap.

Variation No. 2:

This classic version comes in a stainless-steel case too, but this one has the white Mother-Of-Pearl dial, and diamond hours dots. 

Variation No. 3:

This beauty comes in a stainless-steel case but has the gorgeous 18k. Red gold rotating bezel, white Mother-Of-Pearl dial, and hour dots. 

Variation No. 4:

This luxurious Navitimer Automatic 35 version has the 18k. Red gold bracelet, rotating bezel, white Mother-Of-Pearl dial, and diamond hour dots. 

The Important Parts:

The specifications of the Navitimer Automatic 35 Women Collection are the same when it comes to the material or the dial color.

You probably have a few favorites in your mind and think it’s hard to choose one — so, I did it for you. Let’s take a look at the details of: 

Variation No. 3: 

(Reference: A17395201K1P1).

Like I mentioned before, this favorite has a copper dial, copper bezel, diamond hour dots. The price is AUD 5.620 or $4.035. 

The Breitling Caliber 17 is COSC-certified, self-winding movement, and features a bidirectional ball-bearing rotor, and a slide rule bezel. The movement of the watch is 25.6 mm. X 4.5 mm. And it beats in the frequency of 4 Hz and can deliver a 38-hour power reserve. The movement is cased inside a stainless-steel case, got a 35 mm diameter, and is 9.92 mm. Thick.

The Navitimer for women offers a water resistance of approximately 30m./3 bars. 

The Quality Dial:

The dials of Breitling chronographs requires to be mastered at high performance by a combination of perfection, cutting-edge methods, and traditional skills applied to innovative modern technology. 

The so-called process: “Épargne” is used in the production of Breitling’s dials. A method of a simplified base of silver and gold and this process assures that the result is peerless radiance and readability. The symbol of Breitling is stamped from an 18k. Gold strip. 


This Navitimer 35 Women Collection by Breitling is not only a masterpiece but has it’s roots and traditions to the heritage of Navitimer from 1952.

Breitling accomplished its mission by keeping the traditions, the quality, and luxuriousness of its brand, and still managed to have the women’s needs and wishes in their mind. 

Combining the elegance she dreams of and the functionality she expects – That’s the Navitimer 35Women Collection we are looking at, and I think this is going to be an evergreen of a ladies’ designer watch. 

Want to know more about the Navitimer Automatic 35 Women Collection? Go visit the website of Breitling: BreitlingNavitimerWomen Collection.